What to expect in a Therapeutic Massage Session
Each massage session is tailored to meet your special needs. A
typical session can cover the full body or focus on specific areas.
The session usually lasts an hour. Longer or shorter sessions
can be arranged and may also depend on the type of modality
being used in the session.

Please try to arrive a few minutes early to fill out paperwork and
discuss your needs with the massage therapist. Be sure to tell
your therapist about any chronic aches and pains, areas of your
body that need special attention, and any medical conditions of
which they need to be aware. Also if you have had a massage
before, tell them any preferences you may have about the type of
massage you prefer - deep tissue, light massage, etc.

Privacy and modesty are protected at all times. It is up to you as
to how much or how little you wear during your massage. You will
be covered with a full-body sheet drape and only areas being
worked will be exposed.
It is also helpful to remove any jewelry that could interfere with the flow of the massage. Also the removal of
glasses or contact lenses is helpful so that it is safe to massage around the eyes. The face and scalp are
areas that benefit greatly from massage and heighten your sense of relaxation. However, we can avoid these
areas as to not muss make-up and hair if necessary.

If at any time during the massage anything becomes uncomfortable please let your therapist know. Pressure
of the strokes should not go beyond the "hurts so good" phase. If the pressure is too deep you will usually tend
to tighten other areas of the body. Conversely let the therapist know if you would like more pressure. We want
you to be totally satisfied with your massage experience. Communication is the key.

This is a special time for you. Let the therapist do all the work. All you have to do is relax and enjoy a
mini-vacation from everyday life. Take a few long deep breaths at the beginning of the session and continue
to breathe long and deep throughout the session. This will aid in the relaxation of your muscles.

Some people experience soreness, a mild headache, or nausea the day of or the day after a massage. This
is due to the body's natural process of eliminating toxins. Massage greatly enhances this process and aids in
the body's natural healing. After a massage many people find it helpful to take a warm shower or bath and
drink plenty of water

"There is no substitute for the human touch"
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