Women and Massage
"There is no substitute for the human touch"
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The demands on women have increased with each generation.
You  grant much time to and talents to careers,  to home,  and
to the demands of life. There is always another demand,
crisis or need that must be met or handled. Time to restore
your energy and to care for your  needs seem to fall farther
down the list. Taking time to care for your personal needs on
many levels must be included in the cycle of life.
Massage therapy offers each woman help in dealing with the
stresses of these demands. Massage can lessen the distress
and ache caused by injury, illness, over activity or hormonal
changes. Increasing your energy on both a physical and
emotional level will assist you in doing all the things you want
and need to do.
Need for Touch
Touch is a necessary requirement throughout our lives. This
requirement begins at birth. Evidence has proven that touch is
necessary for healthy infant development. Massage will help replenish
your spirit, your energy, and your sense of self worth. Massage
offers a sense of being more connected and complete.
Massage and Stress
Associated conditions or symptoms of stress include depression, anxiety, headache, and insomnia.
Massage can help relieve these related conditions by soothing the nervous system and relaxing the
muscles where this
stress may be held. Massage can support you during the emotionally stressful
times in your life. After a massage you will feel renewed and restored. The reasons for our
can seem less important and our ability to deal with them increases.
Specific Conditions
Fibromyalgia is associated with chronic and tender areas that can exist throughout the body.
Women are mostly affected.  The effect of massage is to increase blood flow, elimination of
waste, relieve tight muscles, release of endorphins all of which reduce pain in the body. Massage
breaks the cycle of pain which is a major factor with
Inflammation, swelling and pain of arthritis can be helped with massage. Massage increases
circulation which removes painful by products of
arthritis and improves nutrition to both muscle
and joints. Excess fluids are moved into the circulatory system which reduces swelling. This
increases your mobility and range of motion in the joint.
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Signs and symptoms of PMS include depressed moods, mood swings, irritability, headaches, tender
breasts, systemic edema, and fatigue. Massage decreases the effect these symptoms have on your
daily activities. Massage increases circulation and assists in the removal of fluids. Massage eases
emotions, relieves low back pain, and decreases the discomfort of menstrual cramping.
Life Events
During pregnancy, massage can reduce discomfort in the muscles of the back, hips and legs. Light
strokes reduce the retention of excess fluids and effects of increased and redistributed weight.
Menopausal systems include hot flashes,
headaches, insomnia, achy muscles and mood swings.
Massage promotes balance, relaxation and a sense of well-being. Special attention being paid to
the abdomen and lower back.