"There is no substitute for the human touch"
Stress is simply a part of life.  Stress stimulates learning and personal
growth, and is a natural part of any significant accomplishment. The
most effective and the healthiest people are not those who avoid
stress, but those who respond successfully to it.

Therapeutic massage is a significant tool for helping you cope with
stress. A deep relaxing massage can help you feel better both
physically, emotionally and mentally.
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The stress cycle
Without down time to rest and recuperate, you will find that your
source of stress will/may lead to a cycle in which you become less
able to rest and rebuild. Muscle tension caused by stress related
issues can develop into conditions such as headaches, shoulder and
back pain, which also add to the level of stress you are experiencing.
Worry and physical discomfort can influence your sleep, leaving you
with little energy to focus on your problems decisively.  As your
source of pressures continue you may find yourself reacting not only
to actual events, but to anticipated events.
"Flight or Fight"
Under stress, our bodies react just as they always have when faced with a threat of some nature.
You position to fight or flight. Our nervous system becomes highly activated. Hormonal changes also
occur, such as the release of adrenaline, which prepare your bodies to respond to emergencies.
Muscles tense for action, heart rate and blood pressure increase, breathing becomes rapid and
shallow, and digestion and other maintenance functions are put on hold.
Fighting or running is rarely a useful response to modern difficulties. Most of our stress comes
from our rapid pace of living. Major life events occur with increasing frequency such as moving to a
new city, changes in employment, or difficulties in relationships. Some stresses are usually
ambiguous and ongoing, for example job demands, credit card bills and money concerns, demands on
your time and interpersonal relationships. When there is no sense of resolution our bodies and
minds receive no clear message that it is safe to stop and relax.
Effects of Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage triggers the parasympathetic nervous system which prepares the body for
rest. Heart rate and blood pressure decrease, breathing slows and deepens and tense muscles
relax. Digestion and maintenance functions return to normal and hormone balance shifts to create a
state of deep relaxation.  Massage is effective in breaking the cycle of pain due to stress related
Increase your energy reserves
Therapeutic massage will help you increase and maintain the energy you need to meet your
challenges successfully in several ways.
Reduce muscle tension
Increase circulation
Improve sleep
Psychological support